Wall Street Guy Goes To Wal-Mart To Mock Protesting Workers [VIDEO]

There’s been a growing number of protests and demonstrations at Wal-Mart as workers demand higher wages. So libertarian investor Peter Schiff — who believes Wal-Mart is under no obligation to pay its workers a dime more — went to Wal-Mart and staged an absurd, fake version of their rally in an attempt to prove his point.

Schiff, the founder of Euro Pacific Capital, approached shoppers in the retailer’s parking lot and told them he was representing an organisation called “15 For 15.” He said the organisation — which doesn’t actually exist — wants Wal-Mart to raise its prices by 15% to support a $US15 minimum hourly wage for workers.

In reality, the campaign for higher wages at Wal-Mart, led by the labour group OUR Walmart, is asking the retailer to pay its employees at least $US25,000 annually, or $US13 an hour.

Schiff recorded his stunt on video. He asked Wal-Mart patrons whether they supported higher wages for the retailer’s workers, and then demanded that they prove their allegiance by giving him 15% of whatever they spent at Wal-Mart that day. He claimed the money would go to Wal-Mart workers.

“Would you contribute 15% of the price of that TV for the Wal-Mart workers?” he shouted at a man who was walking across the parking lot carrying a boxed television. The man declined.

“But they are counting on you to pay higher prices!” Schiff yelled.

The video was clearly edited, but in every case, the shoppers declined to donate money.

Perhaps they didn’t support the cause. Perhaps they recognised Schiff was a phony.

Watch what happened:

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