Peter Schiff, Santelli: Online Superstars


Pirated versions of “The Rant” were watched over 400,000 times on YouTube in just 30 hours after Santelli went on his tirade, according to video analytics service TubeMogul. We’re guessing the number could easily have doubled through the weekend. And though Drudge had it as his red-letter headline for much of Thursday, all that traffic was sent to, so that’s potentially hundreds of thousands more who saw the official version.

Elsewhere the fed-up crowd raised $20,000 to urge Peter Schiff to run for Senate in Connecting in 2010 against Chriss Dodd. Schiff hasn’t said he’ll run, and he’d be a pretty big longshot if he did.

But between Rantelli and Schiff, who already had a cult following online, we can start to see the outlines of an angry opposition.