Here's Why Peter Luger Is The Best Steakhouse In New York City

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We asked you to tell us your favourite steak house, and you responded enthusiastically.The overwhelming winner of the contest was Peter Luger, the decades-old, family owned and operated, no-frills restaurant that Wall Streeters will travel to Brooklyn for.

Yes, Brooklyn.

Jody Storch is a member of the Foreman family. Her grandfather bought the restaurant in the 1950s having no experience in the restaurant business. In fact, he worked at a factory across the street, but when he heard Peter Luger was up for sale he bought it just because he loved it so much.

“It represents old New York,” said Storch. “It’s good meat with common appeal. … my grandfather used to tell me, ‘People are animals and they live for the taste of meat.'”

And only the best meat will do at Peter Luger, especially when you’re serving the likes of Ed Koch, Jake Gyllenhall, and other notables. Storch said they’ve canceled reservations when they thought cuts of meat weren’t up to snuff. “My mother used to tell me, ‘We have the smartest customers in the world.'”

So go there, have a steak, and get smarter.

Peter Luger's right off the first J train stop, Marcy Avenue in Brooklyn.

The restaurant office is across the street in the old factory.

CASH ONLY — unless you have a Luger card.

The first thing you'll notice when you walk in, is that the restaurant has awards for days.

Then, of course, there's the well stocked bar.

Here's an example of doing things the old fashioned way — the cash register is manual.

There are three dining rooms, we sat in the newest one.

The best part (other than the food) is that we got to take a look at the kitchen.

Jody told us to notice the marbling, that indicates quality. Someone in her family looks at every piece of meat.

Timing is everything.

Waiters and chefs have to be really prompt to make sure people get their steaks how/when they want them.

The burgers are their best deal, says Jody, they're around $11, beef ground in-house.

Can't forget sides — the fries are thick cut and delicious.

This bacon never used to be on the menu, it was a staff secret treat.

But Wall Streeters got wind of it and started asking for it. Finally, management put it on the menu.

Take a look at that monster! Only the highest quality steer meat (don't say cow).

A double will cost you $72.

The family used to work with dozens of butchers.

The family gets their meat in the city still, but also from butchers in Long Island and Hunt's Point

It is then dry aged in-house.

Get a look at that spread!

Obviously the steak is the star.

It comes to your table with the juices still bubbling.

There's not a lot on the menu.

They stick with traditional sides.

Like creamed spinach.

Jody told us the last time they added something new was years ago — a Caesar salad.

Luger's famous sauce, available at some grocery stores if you think you can try this at home.

And then there's dessert.

This sundae has a little Luger cow on it.

We highly recommend the cheesecake.

Or if you're too full (but still want a sweet) go for the gold coin chocolates.

And these are the ladies behind it all — Amy Rubenstein, Jody Storch, and Marilyn Spiers

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