Peter Dutton reportedly overruled Border Force advice to grant a visa to a second au pair

Stefan Postles/Getty ImagesPeter Dutton

Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton reportedly overruled advice from the Australian Border Force (ABF) to help an Italian au pair avoid deportation.

It follow reports yesterday that he did the same thing for a French nanny at the request of AFL boss Gillion McLachlan.

The ABC reports, the then-Immigration Minister used his ministerial powers to ensure the woman, who was planning to work for a former Queensland Police colleague, could stay in the country.

The Italian woman, Michela Marchisio, was detained at Brisbane International Airport in June 2015 after the ABF believed she planned to work as a babysitter — a breach of her tourist visa conditions.

The ABC reports that Marchisio was planning to work for Russell Keag, who worked in the Queensland Police Service at the same time as Dutton, although it’s unclear whether the Keag family lobbied Dutton for Marchisio’s release.

FacebookMichela Marchisio

Despite the ABF warning “the grant of a visitor visa is of high risk,” Dutton reportedly overruled the department and on June 17 granted a three-month tourist visa to the woman.

On the same day, Marchisio posted on Facebook saying “first night in Australia … FINALLY”.

Dutton has denied any wrongdoing.

Labor has launched a Senate inquiry to investigate the circumstances surrounding Dutton’s decision to use ministerial intervention powers to help the two foreign au pairs from deportation.

The ABC has more.

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