Peter Dutton just told Malcolm Turnbull he will challenge him for leadership, again

Stefan Postles/Getty ImagesPeter Dutton speaks to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Peter Dutton fronted the media just after 8am on Thursday to announce his plans to challenge Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for a second time, believing he has the numbers to win a ballot vote.

“Earlier this morning I called the PM to advise him that it was my judgment that the majority of the party room no longer supported his leadership,” he said.

“As such I asked him to convene a meeting of the Liberal Party at which I will challenge him for the leadership of the parliamentary Liberal Party.”

His brief media appearance followed an earlier tweet that said much the same thing.

“A few minutes ago I spoke with Malcolm Turnbull to advise him I believed the majority of the party room no longer supported his leadership. Accordingly, I asked him to convene a party room meeting at which I would challenge for the leadership of the Parliamentary Liberal Party,” he tweeted.

Overnight three more ministers resigned to support Dutton in his bid for leadership, bringing the total to five.

Turnbull rejected Dutton’s request for a party room meeting.

A petition to call the meeting was supposedly circulating in Liberal circles last night, but has yet to emerge with the 43 signatures it would need for Turnbull to respond and call the meeting.

Paul Colgan has more on that here.

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