CAUGHT ON TAPE: Top Fundraiser Explains Exactly How To Buy Access To The UK Prime Minister

Caught on tape: An honest assessment of how the world of political donations really work!

The UK is being rocked by a scandal whereby a top Conservative Party fundraiser — Peter Cruddas — was caught on tape explaining how much it would cost in donations to get direct access to Prime Minister David Cameron.

The video was made by The Times of London, which posed as a large donor, while secretly filming Cruddas.


In the footage filmed by Sunday Times reporters posing as potential donors, Cruddas is heard saying  that a £250,000 donation would grant “Premier League” access to Cameron.

He said that a £100,000 “is not bad” but would be more like the “bottom of the Premier League”.

The donation would facilitate a private meeting with David Cameron, he claimed, in which the donors could ask him “practically any questions that you want”.

He claimed that some of the bigger donors had gotten access to the private apartment of Number 10.

Here’s the must-watch video. And realise that this is basically how all politics works. Cruddas just unfortunately spelled it out too clearly.

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