A NYC VC Weighs In -- Is Getting Your MBA Worth It?

Venture capitalist Peter Boyce II weighed in on whether to get an MBA in the second part of his interview with OneWire CEO Skiddy von Stade.

Boyce has founded businesses and helped start others without the prestigious degree. In high school, he created his first company fixing computers after helping his mum with hers. In college, he co-founded two groups that helped bring young entrepreneurs together. And today, he’s an early-stage investor in student startups through Rough Draft Ventures, a company he co-founded.

So what does he think about investing in an MBA?

“I almost feel like I’m getting my MBA on the go right now in a lot of ways. A lot of the programs are fantastically powerful, especially for helping folks understand “how do you take a company from 50 to 100 people internationally?” So that management skill is not easy to necessarily do if you’ve never run a company that size before. So I think it’s an interesting compliment or supplement for someone that operates a company. I think for myself, being in venture [capital], you get to see early stage entrepreneurs go through those different phases and go through those different steps, and so I almost feel like I’ve gotten kind of a taste of it.” 

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