Here's What Happened When Pete Seeger Joined The Protesters And Took Over Columbus Circle

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On Friday night, October 21, Pete Seeger, 92, and other notable musicians, including composer David Amram and blues musician Guy Davis, joined the Occupy Wall Street protestors in a semi-impromptu march on Columbus Circle. Tao Rodriguez Seeger, Pete Seeger’s grandson, is sympathetic to the OWS protestors and pitched the idea to some of the OWS Direct Action committee members as well as his grandfather. Both agreed to the idea and the OWSers left Zuccotti Park around 7pm to head up and meet Seeger and his band at Symphony Space, on 96th St and Broadway. The effort was the product of only a day’s organising, according to Abigail Weintraub, an OWS activist. 

Seeger marched with the protestors down to Columbus Circle where he also held a short concert. Throughout the march and the concert, classics, such as “This Little Light of Mine” could be heard with lyrics altered to the present day. 

Police estimated around 200-300 attendees as did one of the OWS Live Stream operators. 

OWS protestors marched south on Broadway from 96th St.

Drummers as usual were in attendance.

And the tell tale signs.

Here was tonight's special guest, Pete Seeger.

He certainly isn't dismissing these citizens.

Seeger, 92, wasn't the only AARP member representing at the march.

The crowds got big, and of course the OWS Live Stream was there.

Tons of photographers were snapping shots of Seeger the whole night.

The NYPD Community Affairs division was out in force to keep the peace.

Seeger was joined by many musicians on the march.

For the most part, the crowd moved peacefully down Broadway to Columbus Circle.

There were many people throughout playing instruments. Later we saw this guy up on the Columbus Circle monument playing with Pete and the band.

The Live Stream was there to catch it all for those who couldn't make it out.

Signs make the statements.

Seeger may have worked up a sweat with the walk.

There were some street performers in the group as well.

And some striking outfits...

The face beneath the hood.

A man looking for a good shot gets asked to come down.

Pete Seeger enters Columbus Circle.

He strikes the big elephant with one of his canes.

Crowds are eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Tao Rodriguez Seeger, Pete's grandson and an organiser of the evening's event. He rushed instruments to the front for a performance.

We got close to the action. This was a guy we saw earlier in the march.

The band playing on the Columbus Monument.

Onlookers were captivated by the show.

Su Polo, a NYC based musician and artist, brought her dulcimer for the evening and joined in with the music playing.

After the music Pete prepared to leave.

He makes his way out. Many are still snapping shots.

People look on in wonderment.

The crowd begins to head home.

Abigail Weintraub hands out tomorrow's (Saturday October 22) OWS Journal.

Photographers check to make sure they got their shots.

Even the police are heading out.

And so are we, along with these folks who came out from SUNY Purchase. Elan in the centre is active with the Medic Group.

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