Pete Evans’ publisher says it is ‘finalising’ its relationship with the high-profile conspiracy theorist amid his increasingly extreme social media posts

  • After publishing 15 books by Pete Evans, Pan Macmillan put out a statement distancing itself from the conspiracy theorist and celebrity chef after he published a cartoon featuring a neo-Nazi symbol on Sunday evening
  • In it, the publisher claims that it is ‘finalising’ its relationships with Evans and ruled out entering into any new ones.
  • Evans has courted criticism after promoting increasingly fringe and harmful views including the QAnon conspiracy theory and COVID-19 denialism.
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After months of pressure, the book publisher of one of Australia’s most high profile conspiracy theorists, celebrity chef Pete Evans, has ruled out any future publishing agreements with him.

On Monday afternoon, Pac Macmillan condemned Evans’ recent social media posts and committed to “finalising it’s [sic] contractual relationship” with him.

“Pan Macmillan does not support the recent posts made by Pete Evans. Those views are not our views as a company or the views of our staff. Pan Macmillan is currently finalising it’s [sic] contractual relationship with Pete Evans and as such will not be entering any further publishing agreements moving forward,” the statement read.

Book retailer Dymocks has also confirmed they’re removing Evans’ books from their stores and websites.

This comes the night after Evans posted a cartoon to his social media featuring the sonnenrad symbol, a symbol used by Nazis and Neo-Nazis, including by the Christchurch terrorist who killed 51 people at a mosque in 2019.

After first acknowledging he knew what the symbol was, Evans has walked back his claim and said that he did not know the symbol’s implications.

Business Insider Australia has contacted Pan Macmillan for further details about its ongoing contractual relationship with Evans, and whether it will publish any of his future books.

While Evans has long flirted with anti-science stances such as being anti-vaccination and promoting potential unhealthy diets for babies, the former host of “My Kitchen Rules” began to post more extreme and fringe theories such QAnon conspiracy theory and COVID-19 denialist views since the start of the pandemic.

In September this year, Pan Macmillan stood firm behind the author of the “The Complete Keto Cookbook and Lifestyle guide”, one of the 15 books released by Evans since 2014 with the publisher.

“These books have been bought in the hundreds of thousands by people who admire his food ethos and has led to him being Australia’s number one selling Australian wholefood author for the past three years,” a spokesperson told Business Insider Australia at the time.

A petition started today calling for Target, Kmart, Big W, David Jones and Dymocks to remove Evans’ books from shelves has received more than 2,600 signatures.