Pete Davidson jokes that his relationship with Ariana Grande won’t last on 'SNL'

NBCPete Davidson talks openly about his engagement to singer Ariana Grande on ‘SNL.’
  • The 44th season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” didn’t shy away from discussing cast member Pete Davidson’s engagement to singer Ariana Grande.
  • Davidson appeared on “Weekend Update” as himself to discuss his engagement with Ariana Grande. He acknowledged that no one could believe it – not even the comedian himself.
  • Much of his three-and-a-half-minute appearance included Davidson joking about how the two won’t last and the precautions he’s put in place if it goes south.
  • Davidson asked if he could get royalties for Grande’s song about him. “If we break up – and we won’t. We will. But we won’t. I’m kidding, but like in 10 years, God forbid if that ever happened, there will be a song called Pete Davidson, like playing in speakers at K-Mart and I’ll be working there.”
  • Colin Jost asked if they talked about a prenup and Davidson said he obviously asked for one. “God forbid we split up and she takes half my sneakers,” he joked.
  • Davidson also joked he switched Grande’s birth control with Tic Tacs in a moment where several women could be heard saying ‘Oh my God.” “I believe in us and all, but you know, I just want to make sure that she can’t go anywhere.”
  • You can watch the full “Weekend Update” below.


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