Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Explains Why Matt Flynn Is Getting Paid $26 Million To Sit On The Bench

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Photo: AP

Earlier this week, Pete Carroll named third-round draft pick Russell Wilson the starting quarterback over free agent Matt Flynn, who signed with Seattle on a three-year, $26-million deal last spring.Given the salary disparity, Carroll seems to have it all backwards. But he went on ESPN Radio today and gave a fantastic explanation for his thinking. We bolded the good parts (via PFT):

That’s the price of free agency. That’s the market. The market was driven there and we had to pay that price to get the player to come to our program and I said to you two that that doesn’t matter to me. I don’t want that to matter to me. We understand there is a thought about that, but as a coach I’m doing this for the competitive reasons in the fact that come out and if a guy gets paid more and he’s playing backup he better be a pretty good backup. He better play well and better perform well, so I don’t think any fan out there would want me to make a decision based on how much a guy is getting paid. You want the best guy at that time to play for us and that’s exactly how I see it. We are going to keep standing up for that. I’m not trying to make any statements. That’s just the facts.”

Well put.

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