PETA Wants Jamie Dimon To Hand Over OJ Simpson’s Foreclosed Home

OJ Simpson

Earlier, we brought you the story of how O.J. Simpson’s Miami home had been foreclosed.

Now, People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has written a letter to JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon asking him to donate or sell the house to them.

What would PETA do with O.J. Simpson’s house?

Set up a ‘Meat Is Murder’ Museum.

The rationale is not as direct as you’d expect:

PETA said it chose Simpson’s home because the former football star actively endorsed the consumption of meat. Simpson, they said, was a spokesman for a chicken restaurant chain, owned two restaurants himself and held an ownership stake in several HoneyBaked Ham stores.

Per CNNMoney, a JP Morgan spokesman said the bank would offer no comments on the matter.