PETA Slams Olsen Twins Over $16,900 Furry Backpack

olsen twins

Photo: AP Images

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are in double trouble with the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).PETA is slamming the Olsen twins for using real animal pelts for a $16,900 fuzzy backpack from their line, The Row, according to the New York Daily News.

It’s not too happy about an alligator skinned purse that retails for $39,000, either.

“What they lack in creativity, they try to make up for in shock value,” PETA said of the twins.

Celebrities Rachel Zoe and Jessica Biel are behind the twins, having sported bags from The Row. The Council of Fashion Designers of America also support the duo, naming them Womenswear Designer Of The Year in June.

But PETA doesn’t seem to care.

“If it looks like a troll and acts like a troll, it’s probably a Trollsen Twin,” the group said.

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