PETA isn't impressed with this picture of actress Chloë Sevigny wearing a lobster on her groin

Chloë Sevigny, fashion icon. Picture: Getty Images

WARNING: The image below might be considered NSFW by some.

Actress Chloë Sevigny is no stranger to risky roles. Her filmography is peppered with edgy titles such as Kids, Boys Don’t Cry, American Psycho and Lovelace.

Her acting career almost ended when she took on a controversially explicit role in The Brown Bunny in 2003, but Sevigny has proven to be one of those rare talents who are able to push the boundaries and stay in the public eye.

She won a Golden Globe in 2010 as Best Supporting Actress during her five-year tenure in the HBO polygamy series Big Love.

She’s even considered to be something of an “influencer” in fashion circles, often making best-dressed lists and even taking on modeling for the likes of H&M and Louis Vuitton.

We’re not sure how far Sevigny will be able to influence this look, though:

Picture: Brianna Capozzi/Marfa Journal

The lobster crotch look was unveiled as the cover shot and one of four mock movie posters featuring Sevigny in this month’s Marfa Journal.

Other posters feature her as a risque Red Riding Hood and a nun with chains around her crotch.

It’s art-slash-fashion, so obviously it was designed to be provocative. It certainly caught our eye – and that of animal rights campaigners PETA, who issued this statement about the reportedly fake lobster to the MailOnline:

We’re too kind to say what a pity it is that the lobster wasn’t alive and wearing knuckledusters. So all we’ll say is that we hope one day Chloë will realise how inferior she seems compared to a little animal who was killed just to cover a t..t.

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