Here Are Some Dogs Jamming Out And Lip-Synching In A Recording Studio

In 1985, “We Are the World” became a sensation with its all-star cast of singers like Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, and Bruce Springsteen. The 10 million copies it sold helped raise money for starving people in Africa. Canada’s Pet Trust is paying homage to this legendary moment with a song of their own, except the singers are all dogs.

Check out this stellar ensemble, featuring a Husky, Pug, and many other breeds. A scruffy mutt even gets his time to shine:

Notice the Komondor holding it down on the piano with its Stevie Wonder-esque dreads, and the cool cat holding it down behind the boards as producer.

Pet Trust is a Canadian charity dedicated to raising awareness of pet cancer, as well as sending donations to an animal cancer center in Ontario. Pet food company Purina has pledged to match every dollar given during the “Sing for a Cure” campaign, up to $US125,000.

The organisation’s website lets visitors make a custom music video starring their own pup, and features some video profiles on dogs who have survived cancer.

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