The Hottest Pet Halloween Costumes This Year

It’s time to start prepping Fido for trick-or-treating.

The pet Halloween costume business is booming, with consumers expected to spend some $US350 million to dress up their pets, according to the NRF.

Earlier this year, we stopped by the trendy James Hotel in SoHo, New York for a dog Halloween fashion show put on by PetSmart.

From caterpillars to bats, cowboys to hamburgers, these are the hottest pet costumes this Halloween.

This golden retriever opted for the banana split costume. While we liked the theme of ‘retro dessert,’ we think she should have picked something that didn’t wash her coat out so much.

Meanwhile, this smaller pooch got flashy in a bright caterpillar rider.

A tiny Pomeranian exhibited some diva-like behaviour in her Martha Stewart tutu and hair feathers.

But wasn’t all fun and games. The Golden Retriever returned in a no-nonsense shark costume…

…and there seemed to be a bit of drama when this dog put on a Miss Piggy wig. She was NOT having it.

Meanwhile, this guinea pig loved its pumpkin-themed costume. PetSmart confided that guinea pig outfits “exploded” last year, prompting them to make a ton more.

Bearded Dragons got in on the fun too. This guy looked radiant in his ethereal purple wings.

If you’ve ever seen behind-the-scenes of the fashion show, you know styling isn’t a one-man job. Here, concerned handlers helped a dog transform into Eeyore.

And we’d say the finished product was well worth it.

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