Perth Parents Remember Three Children And Grandfather Lost in MH17 Crash

Evie, Otis and Mo

More than 1000 people attended yesterday’s memorial service for the three Maslin children and their grandfather, who were killed when their plane, MH17, was shot down over Ukraine last month.

Nick Norris, 68, and his grandchildren Mo, aged 12, Evie, 10, and Otis, 8 were travelling home from a holiday with their parents, who stayed on in Amsterdam to relax for a few days.

The parents, Anthony Maslin and Rin Norris shared their memories with unbelievable courage at the service in Perth.

Rin Norris spoke of the eternal hug she will always have for them in her heart: “I can imagine the memory of their bodies close to mine and the love in my heart will always be open for them.”

Anthony Maslin described his children as “unblemished, innocent, perfect souls” and was thankful they had their grandfather with them when the plane went down.

“Having Nick, the wisest man I know, as their eternal guide gives us some comfort,” he said.

Maslin said the only thing worse than the “hell beyond hell” that they were going through would be the thought of his family having never existed, “I would choose the short time we have had with them over any normal long-lasting life” he said.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop also flew back to Perth from Ukraine to attend the service.

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