INSTANT MBA: Your Customers Like The Sound Of Their Own Names

Eitan Fogel, Idomoo

Photo: Eitan Fogel//Idomoo

Today’s advice comes from our interview with Eitan Fogel, founder and CEO of the personalised customer service video production company Idomoo:”I don’t know of a single person who doesn’t like the sound of their own name. personalisation has long been a critical component of customer relationship management and customer service.”

Fogel founded Idomoo to create a more proactive and engaged way for companies to provide customer service. personalisation in customer service builds trust, encourages loyalty, and sees that customers face fewer problems with a company’s product or service later on.

Fogel says that one of his clients experienced 30 per cent fewer calls to their help centre when they sent out personalised customer service videos explaining how to pay the first bill. A more personalised approach to customer service doesn’t have to be more work for the business, and may actually create less work, and more brand loyalty, for the business in the long run.

“Companies are looking for ways to provide better customer service and better engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. If you think about it, the optimal solution for any company would be to provide personal, one-to-one communication to all of its customers.”

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