Personalised foam messages could be the best $1000 your cafe ever spent

Picture: YouTube/SteamCC

Coffee art has gone hi-def.

Israel-based Steam CC has built a machine that’s part inkjet printer, part 3D printer and all personalisation. It’s called the Ripple Maker and just debuted at CE Week in New York City.

In their words:

Picture: YouTube/SteamCC

Traditional baristas and environmentalists will be horrified. The “ink” is a coffee extract stored in pods. The art can be selected by a barista from the Ripple App for the ultimate morning perk:

Picture: YouTube/SteamCC

Or can be directly drawn from a photo upload to the app by a customer:

“It’s a holy relationship between you and your cup of coffee,” Sharon Topper, head of marketing for Ripples, told reporters at the unveiling. “We want to make sure we are enriching it.

“It really is a new canvas, as we see it. Everyone looks better in foam.”

Shipping of the machines will begin in September.

The Ripple Maker itself costs $US999 (the app is free) and you’ll need a service plan for Ripple Pods and warranties which costs $US75 a month.

German airline Lufthansa is already on board, and will begin sending personalised messages in coffee foam to its first and business class passengers before the end of the year.

Check out the Ripple Maker in action:

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