Here's How To Get A Major Beer Company To Sponsor YOU In One Easy Step

Miller High Life Ad Sponsorship


Sports fans are so inundated with beer ads that most probably haven’t taken the time to consider the ridiculousness of it all. Billion-dollar beer companies compete with one another for the right to spend billions more to become the “official sponsor” of billion-dollar sports leagues.Apparently the marketing folks at Miller encountered some semblance of self-awareness. They shunned the major sports sponsorship – Bud Light already holds the NBA and MLB official sponsorship, and will inherit the NFL’s next year – to cast their sponsorship dollars in a more intimate direction: yours. 

Miller High Life is becoming the “Official Beer of You.” All you have to do to score an endorsement is sign the following contract:

I, [STATE YOUR NAME], hereby commit to living the highest possible form of the High Life in any and all situations. I pledge never to willingly participate in non-High Life-like activities, including but not limited to: male bathing suit shopping, goatee dying, embroidered golf shirt collar popping, wallet-mirror carrying, denim pant leg rolling, unnecessary nail manicuring, or pet portrait painting. Most importantly, I will uphold my sense of common sense and use it authoritatively when called for to maintain my responsibility to unashamedly, undeniably, and unabashedly live the High Life.

And once you agree to those terms, you’ll get a $1 signing bonus. Pretty cool.

We hate to sit here and celebrate some marketing department’s genius, but this is brilliant. It separates the brand from the indistinguishable beer ads on sports TV that are only as memorable as their joke and not the beer. Moreover, this manoeuvre encourages people to purchase their personalised sponsorship merchandise, and further spreads the Miller High Life gospel.

It builds a personal relationship – no matter how short-lived it may turn out to be – for far less than their competitors pay to achieve the same goal. Miller High Life would have to sponsor every person in American four times just to match the amount Bud Light paid to take over the NFL sponsorship in 2011.

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