PERRY STANDS ALONE: Clear Frontrunner In New National Poll

Rick Perry

[credit provider=”Gage Skidmore via Flikr”]

Texas Governor Rick Perry is incontrovertibly the new frontrunner in the Republican race to unseat President Barack Obama.In the latest CNN poll, Perry commands a double-digit lead over the other “top-tier” candidates, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep Michele Bachmann (R-MN).

Support for Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) fell to 6 per cent, from 14 per cent in early August after the fight to raise the debt ceiling.

Among Democrats polled, 72 per cent say Obama should be renominated — down from a high of 81 per cent in June.

Full poll results below:

  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry 32%
  • Fmr. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 18%
  • Rep. Michele Bachmann 12%
  • Fmr. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich 7%
  • Rep. Ron Paul 6%
  • Herman Cain 3%
  • Fmr. New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson 2%
  • Fmr. Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman 1%
  • Fmr. Sen. Rick Santorum 1%
  • Rep. Thad McCotter 1%
  • Someone else (vol.) 4%
  • None/ No one (vol.) 6%
  • No opinion 4%

The poll had a margin of error of ±4.5%