Perry Releases First Presidential Campaign Ad

In the first ad of his campaign, newly announced presidential candidate Rick Perry takes his fight right to the steps of the White House. The ad is titled “Time to Get America Working Again.”

The spot opens with a shot of the iconic presidential abode and the question, “Is this the change Americans voted for in 2008?” After knocking the federal government and the president for economic issues from current unemployment rates to the country’s recent credit rating downgrade from Standard & Poor’s, the ad transitions into an introduction of Perry.

Starting in his hometown of Paint Creek, where Perry “learned the values of hard work, patriotism and faith in God,” the slightly more than two-minute spot moves through his bio all the way to the governor’s mansion. For political history junkies, it includes clips from some classic Perry campaign ads.

And if anyone was wondering, it also notes that Perry is “conservative to the core.”

Update: The voice-over in the ad is provided by actor D.B. Sweeney, who played “Shoeless Joe” Jackson in Eight Men Out and Dish Boggett in Lonesome Dove.

Here’s the full ad: