Real Reason Perry Farrell Keeping Lollapalooza in Chicago: Because He Has To

This weekend’s sold-out Lollapalooza festival in Chicago proved that the once-dead alternative concert was back in a big way. In fact, the impressive ticket sales, crowds (more than 200,000, according to Reuters), and excitement surrounding this year’s performers suggested that Lollapalooza could be a viable tour if Perry Farrell wanted to make it a cross-country excursion again. But, he told MTV News on Friday that he’s happy to keep the show in Chicago, where it’s thrived since 2005.

He claims it’s not about the money, but about preserving “the scene.” As much as Farrell’s clearly the kind of guy who emphasises the “scene” above economics, we find it a tad  disingenuous that he refuses to acknowledge the fact that Lollapalooza became a one-off concert because when he tried to revive it as a cross-country tour, organisers couldn’t sell enough tickets.

And then there’s the contract: “A travelling summer party in the 1990s, Lollapalooza was revived in Chicago in 2005 and is contracted to stay in the Windy City until 2011.

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