Rick Perry’s 2012 Team Is Already Making A Big Fundraising Push

Rick Perry Has A Gun!

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry won’t officially declare his candidacy until Saturday, but his campaign team is off and running.The New York Times reports that Perry’s fundraising team emailed top donors today, imploring bundlers to start sending in checks asap.

From the email, written by Perry’s Texas finance chairman George Seay and obtained by the NYT:

“We are trying to get in the first million dollars of contributions very rapidly, to give the campaign its initial capital so important to get off the ground well….It is imperative this e-mail is not shared with anyone not a supporter of Governor Perry…We are trying to run a tight, disciplined ‘ship,’ with zero interaction with nonsupporters or the media. Thank you for your full cooperation with this methodology.”

Perry, the longest-running governor of Texas, has always been a strong fundraiser, largely as a result of the state’s famously lax campaign finance laws, which allow individuals and organisations to make unlimited contributions. The email also gives an exhaustive explanation of federal campaign donation limits.

The Perry 2012 team is also building up its campaign organisation far past the early primary states — an indication that the campaign at least expects to make it to Super Tuesday.

We spoke to California State Assemblyman Dan Logue (R-3), who started the Draft Rick Perry 2012 campaign in May and has been in touch with Perry’s team this summer as they explored a possible presidential campaign.

“My role is to help in any way I can,” Logue told TBI. “We have already got about 60% of our Republican [caucus] members to sign on saying they will support Perry if he runs — and that was before he even said he was running.”

“We are going to deliver him California in the primaries,” Logue added. “He has tremendous momentum here.”

So why Perry?

“I’d like him to do for America what he has done for Texas, in terms of job creation,” Logue said. “I figure this is the guy that gets it — the party’s been looking for someone like him since Reagan.”