Five Cheap Ways To Spoil Your Employees

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With employers tightening their belts on raises and hefty pay hikes, companies around the country are implementing perks and non-traditional office-wide benefits as an alternative means to satisfy the troops.And according to a December 2010 report by Robert Half International, half of surveyed human resource managers are not only willing to negotiate greater perks for job candidates, but see it as a huge opportunity to improve morale, productivity, loyalty and innovation.

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As a result, there’s stiff competition to keep your workforce happy, quality new employees coming through the door…and then sticking around. Companies like Google have set–and continue to raise–the bar on employee perks and are creating a desirable cultures of their own (yes, Google, we’ve all heard about the snacks and the video games and the scooters).

Contrary to popular belief, however, you don’t need a Google-sized budget to pamper your employees. So before you jump into installing that in-office swimming pool, here’s a look at five cost-effective, company morale-boosting employee perks for the masses.

Check out the best rewards for your hard-working employees >

Schedule in-office pampering time.

Perhaps your staff is coming off a particularly gruelling sales stint, conference or busy season.

With the traditional method of issuing bonuses going to the wayside, a spontaneous in-office treatment -- manicures, massages and shoe shines for the guys -- is an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

And when compared with several hundred or thousand dollar bonuses for a large staff, this is an economical alternative that still shows employees you appreciate their work.

Plan a (cool) team-building activity.

organise an intramural league.

Plan catered lunches. Often.

Coordinate after-work happy hours.

And maybe one day, you'll be giving your employees perks like these...

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