Bill Ackman Wants Everyone Who Says He's A Destroyer Of Companies To See This Chart

Bill Ackman has been getting a lot of heat lately for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, he’s had some major losing bets (Herbalife and JCPenney) and they’ve been very high-profile.

Furthermore, in the case of JCPenney, he’s been accused of ruining the company (a sort of valid charge, since he took a big stake and urged the board to go in a disastrous direction with the hiring of Apple’s retail chief as CEO) and thus destroying jobs. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has been particularly tough on Ackman in public.

So to anyone out there who would accuse Bill Ackman of being a job and company destroyer, the investor has a chart for you.

In his latest letter to investors, he produces a complete table of his activist investments.

Part of the purpose of this table is to show that he’s had several winning bets so far., and that Herbalife and JCPenney are outliers.

But note the existence of the far-right column, which shows the price of many of these companies today (even the ones in which he’s no longer involved). The point there (as you can see with stocks like Wendy’s, Fortune, and McDonald’s) is that several of the companies he’s been involved in, are even higher today, suggesting his activism does not put them on some short term path that’s ultimately destructive.

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