PERFORMANCE INSIGHTS: Data is worthless without the right people to use it effectively

Founder and CEO of Stylerunner, Julie Stevanja. Photo: Supplied.

Gaining usable insights from data requires not only skill, but the right mindset, says Stylerunner CEO Julie Stevanja.

This is why Stylerunner, a Sydney-based online activewear startup, has focused on hiring people with the right mindset for using data.

“We are looking for someone who is adaptable, agile, and willing to pivot,” said Stevanja at Business Insider’s Performance Insights panel.

Data is baked into every aspect of Stevanja’s business, from the range of products that are carried, to forecasting future sales, and deciding what is posted on social media platforms.

“We do share pictures of puppies, because the data says our customers love it,” says Stevanja.

In order to make sense of all of this data, each team is given a few datapoints to guide them. It could be click-through, bounce and conversion rates to assist with optimisation, or the way customers flow through the site, to reveal flaws in design.

On top of these reactive uses of data, Stylerunner also employs A/B testing, and samples segments of its customer base to find the right messaging and fit.

In order to uncover people who can work within this system, Stevanja asks normal interview questions, but pays close attention to the answers. She wants people who are open to experimentation, are entrepreneurial, who have learned from trial and error. The ideal person is someone who is a fan of change, who wants to act upon the insights reaped from data.

You can see Julie Stevanja’s entire presentation from Performance Insights below, which we’ve republished in full.

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