This Guy Couldn't Find A Good Weather App He Wanted So He Built His Own

David barnard contrast perfect weatherTwitterDavid Barnard, founder of Contrast

“The Yahoo! weather app is really pretty, but Texas weather changes too quickly for it to be useful here. I still want to see meteorological radar,” Austin, Texas’s David Barnard told Business Insider recently.

Barnard is the brain behind Contrast, an independent development studio that’s all too happy to skip Silicon Valley and operate out of the capital of the Lone Star State. His latest release is a weather app called
Perfect Weather.

It was only after being disappointed in his search for a worthwhile app, he set out to build his own. It’s a creative process that’s served him well in the past, if not commercially, then personally: “I just build the stuff I want. I made a timer app that hasn’t been especially successful but I use it every day,” he said.

Don’t be dismayed if there’s no brand-name recognition with Contrast like there would be for Google or Yahoo. Barnard’s company has put out a multipurpose weather tool that’s as good if not better than other weather apps designed by companies with far more resources. Perfect Weather is multipurpose, easy easy to use, visually appealing, and offers exactly what Barnard needed: weather radar that works well enough to help him navigate the fickle rains of Austin.

Perfect Weather costs $US2.99 and has so far launched to very positive reviews. Let’s see what the fuss is all about.

Tap the icon to start the app.

Right away we're shown weather data for our present location. Austin and Cupertino weather is just a tap away too.

Here's the weather in Austin. We can pull down that tab to get a really detailed forecast.

Let's get some weather for an entirely different place, though.

We'll try Richmond, VA.

Here's a heads-up display on Richmond's weather, complete with area radar (though there's barely any meteorological activity of note).

In fact, it appears to be a relatively clear day through the United States.

Not only does the app show you animated storm systems, it can show you cloud cover as well.

Like this!

And if the weather should ever get ridiculous, Perfect Weather will let you know.

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