PERFECT TIMING: Facebook to Hit 1 Billion Users Right Before IPO

Mark Zuckerberg might not shed a tear for his lost market share in the UK. The Facebook CEO has plenty of other people to help take him up to a billion users … by August of this year. According to memeburn, this is a real possibility (based on data from iCrossing). The key to reaching this milestone will be emerging market penetration.

India and Brazil are among the countries where Facebook has enjoyed strong growth – from 22 mn users to 36 mn over the past nine months in the former and from 13 mn to 30 mn in the latter. These are high growth rates on small bases of users, which means that continued rapid growth is possible, as Facebook is nowhere near saturation yet. So far, only 3 per cent of the Indian population uses Facebook, with penetration at 16 per cent for Brazil. Meanwhile, 49 per cent of Americans use Facebook, along with 47 per cent of the UKpopulation.

Now, here’s what’s really interesting: if iCrossing is right, Facebook will celebrate its billionth user right before its anticipated IPO this year. Think about taking a fact like that out on the roadshow!

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Source: memeburn