14 game-changing products that make perfect gifts for the lazy people in your life

Guzzle BuddyThe Guzzle Buddy offers a wine opener and glass in one.
  • It’s likely you’re shopping for at least one lazy person this holiday season.
  • There’s no shortage of gifts you can buy that will help them do as little work as possible.
  • A wine opener that doubles as a glass, a coffee-making alarm clock, and a duvet that makes itself are just a few of the presents you can purchase for the lazy person in your life.
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There’s a famous saying about lazy people actually being the smartest, as they find the simplest way to accomplish tasks.

This year, you can help the lethargic do as little as possible with gifts made specifically with them in mind.

From a robotic lawn mower to a toothbrush that cleans your whole mouth in 10 seconds, these are 14 presents lazy people will love.

A vacuum cleaner might not seem like a glamorous Christmas present, but they will use it all year.

Roomba/TargetThe newest Roomba connects to smart device voice commands.

You’re giving your loved ones more than just a vacuum cleaner when you give them a Roomba.

Not only does the Roomba clean for you, but the latest version of the device also functions through Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands, so you don’t even have to press a button to make it work. It can run for 90 minutes before it needs a charge.

Cost:$US299.99 on Target

Give them a toothbrush that can clean their mouth in just 10 seconds.

Y-BrushThe Y-Brush makes dental hygiene simple.

A toothbrush is a traditional stocking stuffer, but the Y-Brush takes it to the next level.

This device cleans your whole mouth in 10 seconds, and all the user has to do is bite down on it. Gaining two extra minutes in the morning might not sound like a big deal, but it can make a huge difference.

Cost:$US125 on Y-Brush

The Smartduvet is a great gift for your partner who refuses to make the bed.

SmartduvetThe Smartduvet makes itself.

The Smartduvet, which was released in 2019, is like two gifts in one. It’s a comforter that makes itself, and it comes with isolated climate control on each side.

Not only can you sleep in longer since you won’t have to spend time making the bed, but the duvet also allows you and your partner to set your own side to a temperature you find comfortable.

Cost:$US309 for a full-sized duvet on Smartduvet

An Instant Pot takes the pressure off the cook.

Instant Pot/AmazonThe Instant Pot is like 10 devices in one.

An Instant Pot makes cooking easier because it prepares dishes quickly and condenses 10 different devices into one. The device acts as a pressure cooker, sous vide, sauté pan, slow cooker, rice cooker, food warmer, yogurt maker, cake maker, stockpot, and steamer.

The latest version of the Instant Pot comes with a bright LED screen to make it easier to read, and it pairs with the free Instant Pot app, which is full of recipes.

Cost: $US119.99 on Amazon

You can go to work without having to leave your bed if you have a portable desk.

SONGMICS/AmazonA storage desk makes working from home a breeze.

This portable desk can tilt forward and back, allowing you to have your laptop at the perfect angle no matter how you’re lounging about. It also features a storage drawer where you can stow pens, USB drives, or other small items.

Cost: $US32.99 on Amazon

Your wine-loving lazy pal will love the Guzzle Buddy.

Guzzle BuddyThe Guzzle Buddy eliminates the need for a wine glass.

The Guzzle Buddy screws directly into a bottle, allowing you to sip on your favourite wine without having to go back for refills. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe and costs less than $US10.

Give it to the wine lover in your life alongside their favourite bottle and you’ll be considered the friend of the year.

Cost:$US9.49 on Amazon

The Barisieur is a coffee machine and an alarm clock all in one.

Urban OutfittersThe Barisieur gives you coffee in bed every day.

The Barisieur is a bit of a splurge, but the extra sleep you’ll be giving your friends might be worth it.

The device makes pour-over coffee by your bedside, and it can even store milk in a refrigerator drawer overnight. Plus, the volume on the clock can be controlled, so there’s no way you’ll sleep through it.

Cost:$US445 on Urban Outfitters

The Unger Grabber makes a great stocking stuffer.

Unger/Bed, Bath, & BeyondGrabbers have multiple functions.

The Unger Grabber allows users to pick up remotes, snacks, and whatever items fall behind the couch with ease, as all you have to do is press a button to make it latch onto things.

Cost:$US19.99 on Bed Bath & Beyond

A gift card that can be used on food delivery is a lazy person’s dream.

PostmatesYou can purchase a gift card to Postmates online.

Cooking is a major time suck, so a gift card to a service like Postmates or Seamless can make your friends’ weeknights much easier.

Cost:$US25 to $US200 on Postmates

The Echo Dot is the ultimate gift for anyone looking to avoid moving from the couch.

AmazonThe third-generation Echo Dot.

The third-generation Echo Dot still comes equipped with its famous voice technology, but it also features an LED display, which can show you the time, temperature, or give you a visual timer.

You can control your whole house with Alexa now, so the Echo Dot just makes sense for people who are looking for a way to avoid moving from the couch.

Cost:$US44.99 on Amazon

The Robomow is like a Roomba for your lawn.

Robomow/AmazonThe Robomow makes cutting the grass hands-free.

The Robomow is a robotic lawn mower that takes the work out of cutting the grass.

It’s designed to operate quietly, can sense rain so that it won’t mow in bad weather, and it pairs with Alexa technology, allowing you to start it without even pressing a button.

Cost:$US1,548.22 on Amazon

This microwave pasta pot is a great present for amateur chefs, dorm dwellers, or the perpetually busy.

UncommonGoodsThe microwave pasta pot is available on UncommonGoods

This microwave pasta maker is both a pot and a strainer, and it can cut the cooking time of your dinner in half, as it prepares dishes in just 10 minutes.

Pair it with a couple of boxes of noodles as a gift, and you’ll be feeding your loved one for weeks to come.

Cost:$US25 on UncommonGoods

An extra-long charging cord can change the way you lounge.

AmazonAmazonBasics Lightning-to-USB Cable (6 Ft.), $US7.99.

An extra-long cord is a simple and affordable gift for any lazy friend looking to sit on the couch and charge their phone at the same time.

Cost:$US12.99 on Amazon

This bathtub tray can take self-care to the next level.

Royal Craft Wood/AmazonThis bathtub tray makes relaxing even easier.

This tray extends to fit the width of your tub, making it easy to enjoy a drink, a book, or even a show on your tablet without giving you sore arms from holding them out of the water.

It also has holders on both sides, so you and your partner could use it at the same time if you have a jumbo tub.

Cost:$US42.97 on Amazon

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