The Only Guy Who Still Has A Perfect Bracket Didn't Enter It In The Billion Dollar Challenge

Warren Buffett’s billion dollar bracket challenge is over.

There are zero perfect brackets left in the pool, Quicken Loans announced on Friday night.

There is one guy who still has a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket on Yahoo, but he didn’t enter it into the Buffett challenge.

His name is Brad Binder, Yahoo says, and he picked all 32 1st-round games right.

He entered his bracket in three different Yahoo-hosted pools, but not the the billion dollar challenge.

It’s possible that he was under the assumption that simply entering a bracket on Yahoo automatically entered it into the Buffett challenge. But that is not the case.

He said on Twitter that he did his bracket in five minutes:

He has Oregon in the Final Four, so this probably won’t remain perfect for long.

But still, poor Brad:


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