Perez Hilton Puckers For NY Nightlife Social Networking Site Launch


LA gossip blogger Perez Hilton, who has recently moved to Manhattan with pet poodle Mariel, hosts a launch party tonight for social networking site at The Grand on East 58th St. PMbuzz is a new social networking site built for the NYC nightlife crowd — people who care a lot more than we do about clubs, lounges, shiny clothes, and fancy handbags. The basic idea: connect online with people you meet in nightclubs, and go clubbing with people you meet online. Venues, groups, DJs, and promoters can also use the site to hawk their events.

A rep says the site has grown since its soft launch a few weeks ago from about 300 users to several thousand, thanks in part to buzz on Hilton’s blog. PMbuzz is NY-exclusive for now and will eventually expand to other cities like Vegas, LA and Miami. South Norwalk, Conn.-based Billboard Bands, which sells ads on nightclub wristbands, owns the site.

Interested in knocking elbows with Perez? RSVP here.