Perez Hilton Congratulates Barbara Bush On Being In favour Of Gay Marriage

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Appearing on The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell, Perez Hilton gave his thoughts about Barbara Bush’s recent statement in favour of gay marriage, but first made some amends for what happened with Carrie Prejean at the Miss USA pageant in 2009.

In case you don’t remember, at the pageant, Hilton asked Prejean about her thoughts on gay marriage, to which she responded that she was against it. Hilton later went after Prejean on his blog, calling her a “dumb bitch” and naturally it set off a whole media firestorm.

Last night, Hilton said he would ask the question again, but now that he is “kinder and gentler and trying to focus on the positive more these days”, he would refrain from calling her a bitch.

Hey, at least it’s progress.

He also praised Barbara Bush, the daughter of former President George W. Bush, for her endorsement of gay marriage in New York. 

“It’s one thing to state your opinions. But it’s another thing, completely and very powerful, to say, ‘I’m Barbara Bush’ on the record in front of a camera, trying to convince others that the path of equality is the way to go. So congratulations to Barbara and I hope Jenna follows suit and others follow by example as well.”

He also said he hopes that one day the Obama girls will come out in favour as well since “it is the youth in this country that are going to take us toward marriage equality.”

Video below

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