Pepsi Is About To Get Yet Another Big Redesign Effort

PepsiCoPepsi, which got a new logo and a new set of package designs back in 2008, is about to get yet another redesign, according to Ad Age.

While the core logo won’t change, the company will become more playful in how it is presented:

Brad Jakeman, president-global beverages group, has touted the idea of “strategic variance,” citing MTV, Starbucks and Google as brands that regularly fiddle with their logo size, design and colour.

Jakeman is the exec who brought Beyonce on board to promote the soda globally, with new cans hitting Europe this month.

He’s only been in the job since 2011 (previously he was at ActiVision), but that makes him a veteran given the high-level of turnover in Pepsi’s brand management offices (30 execs have bailed since 2008).

Those changes have not been kind to Pepsi, as we noted recently: Pepsi’s Americas Beverage unit, which sells the iconic soda, saw a 10 per cent operating profit decline to $2.9 billion in 2012, on a 4.5 per cent dollar sales decline to $21.4 billion. That’s $1 billion less in sales from 2011, the company reported in its 10-K. (The reduction was due in part to a discontinued Mexican business but it included sales declines in North America and in its flagship soda business.)


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