Here's The 'Fat Blocking' Soda Pepsi Is Advertising In Japan

Pepsi Special

Photo: Suntory

It sounds too good to be true, and it probably is. In Japan, the Suntory beverage company — PepsiCo’s sole distributor in Japan since 1997 — is marketing “Pepsi Special,” a black-and-gold bottle featuring “dextrin,” which the company claims is a fibre than blocks fat absorption. Suntory also claims that Pepsi Special reduces “the postprandial rise in triglycerides in the blood.”The implication seems to be that drinking Pepsi Special while eating will somehow reduce the amount of fat you digest. The brand is being advertised as a “FOSHU” product, shorthand for “food specified health use.” Black and gold was chosen to impart “a sense of luxury.”

Here’s the official company page for the new brand. (You’ll need Google Translate if you don’t read Japanese.)

Best of all, there’s a quirky only-in-Japan ad to go along with the new product, featuring a man forced to choose between the affections of a girl dressed as a slice of pizza and another as a burger. Here’s  screengrab:

pepsi special japan

Photo: PepsiCo / Suntory


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