Pepsi bottles from 'Back to the Future 2' are going for hundreds of dollars on eBay

Pepsi Perfect Close up NYCCDarren Weaver/Tech InsiderPepsi Perfect on display at New York Comic Con

“Back to the Future” is an 80s classic with plenty of die hard fans. From replica DeLorean owners to fan theorists, there is no shortage of fun to be had among the movie-lovers community.

In early October, a “Back to the Future” themed booth at New York Comic Con had one main attraction: free bottles of Pepsi Perfect.

The recipients of the rare drinks did what any reasonable capitalist would do. They sold them on eBay. 

For those unaware, Pepsi Perfect was the fictional beverage sold to Marty McFly when he time-travelled to 2015. As part of a new ad campaign, Pepsi announced it was actually going to begin production of the Pepsi Perfect. Only 6,500 would be available for purchase starting October 21 (the date Marty travelled to in “Back to the Future 2”.)

A bottle of Pepsi Perfect would set you back $US20.15 (get it?)

Pepsi Perfect Back to the Future 2UniversalPepsi Perfect as featured in ‘Back to the Future 2.’

But Pepsi gave Comic Con attendees a chance to get their hands on the rare beverage two weeks early. Pepsi handed out free bottles of Pepsi Perfect to the first 200 Marty McFly look-alikes who arrived at the booth each day. Non-costumed fans could also win one by playing the arcade game also featured in “Back To the Future 2,” a quick-draw challenge called “Wild Gunman.” Based on these numbers, the total given away should be around 900.

At first, some observers were optimistic that the drinks were in the hands of true fans — ones who would cherish the sentimental value over potential monetary gain. 

That was short lived.

By the end of Comic Con’s first day, bottles were selling for hundreds of dollars.

Some fans were distressed, implying that alleged schemers were only attending the convention to make a quick buck off the merchandise.

There are still multiple bottles for sale on eBay, all for at least $US150. One of the top search results has 28 bids so far, and it currently selling for $US356. 

Clearly these two guys underestimated the people’s desire for Pepsi Perfect, no matter what the cost.


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