UC Davis Students Win $1 Million Settlement For Being Pepper-Sprayed

pepper spray uc davisThe Nov. 18 protest where the students were sprayed.

Administrators at the University of California have agreed to pay out roughly $1 million to end a lawsuit brought by UC Davis students who were pepper sprayed by police at protest last November, the Sacramento Bee reports. On Nov. 18 students gathered to protest against rising tuition costs and reduced services. 

Each of the 21 students and former students will receive $30,000 and a personal written apology from Chancellor Linda Katehi.

There will be a pool of $100,000 to pay others who come forward.

The settlement, which will be paid out of UC Davis’s self-insurance fund, also calls for the payment of $250,000 in legal fees and costs to the lawyers who filed the suit.

The deal was agreed to in mediation sessions after the 21 students sued last February and still must be approved by a federal judge.

Lt. John Pike, one of two officers who deployed the pepper spray, was fired by UC Davis.

The settlement brings the total payout for the pepper spray incident to more than $2 million, the Bee reports.

Here’s the video of the incident:

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