It's Surprising What People Would Take If Their House Were On Fire

The Burning House

Photo: The Burning House

If all hell broke loose, what you take? Would you grab your iPhone, the cat, or your stuffed teddy bear?On his blog, The Burning House, Foster Huntington has sparked an interesting conversation around this question.

Readers’ responses, set down in lists and shown in photographs of neatly arranged piles, “reflect (the readers’) interests, background and priorities,” he writes. Not to mention how we define ourselves by our belongings. 

Some of the posts are surprising—a Texan teen named Carolina would grab “my favourite dirty shoes that should be thrown away—while others focus more on survival. Joshua, 20, said he’d take his wallet, some cash and his passport. (And his iPhone.) 

Last summer, Huntington ditched his job as a fashion designer to travel the U.S. in a Volkswagen van (check his Instagram via the hashtag #vanlife). A year later, his book, “The Burning House: What Would You Take?” is hitting stores next week. 

If you’d like to share what you would take, submit a post to The Burning House

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