10 Stupid Selfies That Got People Arrested

Sometimes, it’s just not smart to take a selfie.

Here are 10 people who really blew it and got themselves arrested because they just couldn’t put the phone down.

Two girls took this scary selfie before allegedly robbing a restaurant in Sweden. Police tracked them down and arrested them at one of their grandmother's homes.

Two girls took this selfie before allegedly robbing a Swedish store and making away with $US400.

Source: Huffington Post

Kayleigh Hill ran out onto a baseball field during the 2013 College World Series game and filmed herself being tackled by security guards on Vine, all for the sake of a really good selfie.

A man in Milan stole an iPad then took a selfie with it. The selfie was accessed by the person he reportedly stole it from on iCloud. The alleged thief was then arrested.

Source: ANSA.it

21-year-old Justin Bahler posted selfies with a gun on Facebook. He then allegedly robbed a bank in Michigan. Investigators who had seen the security camera footage recognised him and arrested him.

Jules Bahler got himself arrested after he posted these photos to Facebook then allegedly robbed a bank.

Source: NY Post

Adam Howe accidentally left his phone at a church he allegedly robbed. His selfie was on the phone, and he was arrested shortly thereafter.

Adam Howe's selfie was found on a cell phone he left at the scene of a burglary. The selfie led to his arrest.

Source: Huffington Post

Police posted a man's selfie, which was taken from an iPhone he allegedly stole, to social media and asked if people recognised him. The man turned out to be 19-year-old Jess Ewald who was arrested for grand theft.

Source: NY Daily News

A 16-year-old sneaked past a security guard at 1 World Trade Center and took a selfie on top of the building. The selfies got him noticed for trespassing and ultimately arrested. The security guard he sneaked past was also fired.

A 16-year-old snuck up to the top of WTC and took a selfie, which got him arrested for trespassing.

Source: Upper Michigan's Source

Tyquan Solomon, 19, and Terrance Sistruck, 16, were arrested after they took selfies with an alleged stolen iPhone. The owner of the iPhone spotted their photos on his iCloud account and notified authorities.

The two teenagers who allegedly commited a series of robberies were identified and arrested after they took this selfie on a stolen iPhone.

23-year-old La Vorne Lee Bennett was accused of robbing a man of money and his iPhone at gunpoint. Later, when the victim was using iCloud on his new phone, he saw selfies of Lee and handed them to authorities.

A British man, Ashley Keast, took a selfie while robbing a couple's home. He took the selfie with the couple's phone and accidentally sent the photo of himself in a mass text to some of the owner's contacts. A friend of the owner called the police.

This selfie got a burglar arrested when he accidentally mass texted a picture of himself to the phone owner's friends.

Source: The Telegraph

BONUS: When Rihanna posted a selfie with a slow Loris, a protected animal, police tracked down two people who were allegedly letting tourists take photos with it and arrested them.

Source: Daily Dot

Sometimes people write stupid things, too ...

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