11 People Who Used Facebook In Amazing Ways This Year

Facebook. It’s not just for posting baby photos and complaining about politics!

In fact, some people used the social network in amazing ways this past year.

They used Facebook to connect, to make friends, to meet new people, to achieve dreams, and share goals. 

Facebook’s PR team worked to put together a list of people who used Facebook in unconventional and inspiring ways.

Here are some of their stories.

Three-year-old Rylee Taylor has been diagnosed with a rare eye condition after the picture posted on Facebook by her mother led to concerns from friends.

Katheryn was abandoned as a newborn in a Burger King bathroom in 1986. She posted a plea to Facebook in an effort to find her biological mother, and within days they found each other and were reunited this year.

Patsy Sutton accidentally sent a Facebook message to John Neeley thinking he was a former classmate of hers with the same name. The two got to know each other on Facebook and fell in love.

Kristina Chesterman's bucket list went viral after her parents posted it in a Facebook group after she was killed by a drunk driver. Now, family, friends and strangers around the world are completing what Kristina couldn't do, and capturing it in the group.

11 year-old Colin told his mother he didn't want a birthday party because he didn't have any friends. Colin has a hard time connecting with other children as he was diagnosed with a disorder similar to autism and Asperger syndrome. She created the Facebook Page, Colin's Friends, hoping for people to send Happy Birthday wishes and the outpouring of posts and messages of positive encouragement was overwhelming. The page now has over 2 million likes.

Jamie Goodwin started a Facebook page to help document her weight loss, and inspired over 6,000 people to join her in her journey.

Inspired by a Facebook post, Ryan Lee Cox started a group that rallies people to pay off school lunches for children who can't afford them.

US Marine, Barbie Ritzco, decided to not have reconstructive surgery after battling breast cancer. This photo she posted went viral on Facebook.

Rowan Coash, a Staff Sgt. in the US Air Force, was on his way to San Antonio, Texas when his car broke down in Price, Utah. He called his friend and she immediately posted on her timeline, 'Anybody out there in Facebook land near Price, UT and willing to help a soldier?' The community came out in droves and ended up paying for his car to be fixed and shipped to him.

Madison Zavala, 16, started a Facebook group encouraging others to donate toys to kids who have been through traumatic experiences.

Through Facebook two runners from the UK set up a relay across the US to in Boston. They raised $450K that went to those affected by the April 2013 bombings.

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