People Who Suffer From 'Shy Bladders' Want DirecTV To Pull Its Rob Lowe Commercial

DirecTV has been doubling down lately on commercials featuring Rob Lowe of “West Wing,” and “Parks And Recreation” fame. And now one of those ads is getting some major heat from a surprising source, according to the AP.

Shy bladder sufferers want DirecTV to pull the ad.

The commercial features Rob Lowe playing two different characters, the first is a very “put together” DirecTV subscriber, and the second is a sloppy cable subscriber.

In the final scene, the sloppy and awkward character says “Fact: I can’t go with other people in the room,” while standing at a urinal in a public restroom.

As it turns out, shy bladder syndrome is not just a real thing, but there is an entire association called the International Paruresis Association. Its mission, as stated on its website, is “to cure paruresis and improve the lives of all people affected.”

CEO Steve Soifer told the AP that “the ad is in poor taste and ridicules a serious problem.”

“The ads will continue to run for the vast majority of viewers who have told us they enjoy the spots and understand that, like all of our commercials, they take place in a fantasy world and are not based in reality,” a DirecTV spokesman told the AP.

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