Diesel put a homophobic slur on a jacket to make a statement about 'online hate' and people think it completely missed the mark

DieselThe jacket.
  • Diesel is selling a £350 ($US458) jacket emblazoned a homophobic slur in the UK.
  • The brand claims that the product was created in collaboration with “13 Reasons Why” actor Tommy Dorfman to combat homophobia and cyberbullying.
  • It’s a part of the “Hate Couture” campaign, which has the tagline, “the more hate you wear, the less you care.”
  • Online, people think the campaign’s execution is all wrong.

People think Diesel missed the mark with its latest offering.

The brand is selling a satin bomber jacket that is emblazoned with a homophobic slur in what people think is a botched attempt to reclaim the word. The coat costs £350 ($US458) and only seems to be available in the UK.

It’s a part of the brand’s “Hate Couture” campaign, which has the tagline, “the more hate you wear, the less you care.” The brand came up with this specific jacket, which is part of a larger campaign, in collaboration with “13 Reasons Why” actor Tommy Dorfman, and says the jacket’s aim is to combat homophobia and cyberbullying.

Diesle thumbDieselThe jacket.

Diesel is also selling a $US98 women’s T-shirt in the same campaign that says “slut,” among others.

Slut t shirtDieselThe T-shirt.

There is also a shirt that calls the wearer an imposter, among others that are available in the US and the UK.

ImpsoterDiesel.A $US98.00 T-shirt.

On October 10, the brand tweeted, in reference to the campaign.

“It’s worth repeating: you don’t make online hate disappear by hiding it,” the post said. “Share your stories of online hate. It’s time to take the hurt out of hate #DieselHateCouture.”

People are sceptical of the company’s execution of the campaign, though.

Others have aired the frustration and disappointment.

One person said they wanted proceeds from jacket were being donated to an LGBTQ+ charity.

But Dorfman, who was involved in the conception of the coat clarified on the platform that “all proceeds from this jacket are benefitting the Ali Forney Center in NY which provides shelter, food, and programs to homeless LGBTQ+ youth.”

In a statement provided to Mic, Diesel addressed the backlash.

“Our aim has always been to disempower those that create the hate and manifest negativity. Every individual cast within the campaign relates personally to the issue itself. To bring awareness to the wider issue, each chose a phrase that they wanted to wear proudly with the goal of empowering others to take a stance,” a spokesperson for the brand said. “Together, Diesel and Tommy Dorfman use this as a platform to disempower the haters and show the more hate you wear, the less you care.”

Diesel isn’t the first brand to come under fire this year for a botched rollout of an anti-bullying campaign. In September, LPA and Revolve were criticised selling sweatshirts that seemed to promote fat-shaming.

INSIDER has reached out to both Tommy Dorfman and Diesel for comment.


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