Instagram Is Filled With People Posing For Pictures With Marissa Mayer

It was a big week for Marissa Mayer, as investors cheered Yahoo’s plan to spin out its 15% stake in Alibaba.

Mayer has now made about $US500 million, and she has yet to turn 40. 

She’s also become a bit of a celebrity in the tech community — a quick search on Instagram yields plenty of photos of Mayer posing with Yahoo employees and other fans at events. 

One photo taken at the Yahoo holiday party has a caption that reads: “Chatting with our amazing CEO Marissa Mayer, who spent literally the entire night standing just so YAHOOs & their +1s could take pictures with her. She’s super sweet & such a trooper!”

She does poses, too.


Mayer will even take a selfie with you. 

To read more about Marissa Mayer’s journey at Yahoo, check out Nicholas Carlson’s “Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!” on Amazon.

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