Morning Surprise? 'Fox And Friends' Most Popular Morning Show Next To 'Today'

The Early Show

In a poll of media buyers and planners taken by Media Life, 78% of respondents said that morning shows were still relevant.

Ratings for morning news shows have been dropping, so why do buys still care about them?

“People watch them,” answered one reader.

“Early snap shots of current event and pop culture events and celebrities,” wrote another.

And wrote yet another: “They serve a need for ‘background’ news and weather and traffic while the viewer is dressing and preparing to leave home.”

Of the major morning shows, 52% of respondents rated NBC’s “Today” the highest. Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” came in second at 17 per cent, followed by ABC’s “Good Morning America” at 15 per cent.

CBS’s “Early Show” tied with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” for fourth at just over 6 per cent. CNN’s “American Morning” finished last at 3 per cent.

Who know, perhaps the shake-up in the CBS “Early Show” line-up will turn things around for the early show?

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