Most People Don’t Watch Web Video For More Than 60 Seconds


After clicking play, viewers only watch to the end of 5-minute long Web videos about 10% of the time. Only 16% make it through three minutes, Web video services provider TubeMogul reports, after measuring 23 million streams on six top video sites over two weeks.

TubeMogul draws two conclusions:

  • “Post-roll ads are of limited effectiveness. A three minute video that has a post-roll ad in the final seconds, for example, will only be viewed by 16.62% of the initial audience, on average.”
  • “Overlay ads should be displayed as early as possible in a video. On YouTube, where most overlay ads appear at about 10 seconds in, 10.39% of a video’s initial viewers are not likely seeing the ad.”

We might nuance that first point a bit. If an advertiser is trying to reach as many people as possible, the post-roll ads are indeed useless. But if the ad buyer wants to reach the 16.62% of the audience that most identifies with the content the ad follows, then a post-roll could be the way to go. Post-roll marketers just need to know they’re paying a premium for every real — though targeted — impression.

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