People are making fun of the Apple Watch by taping actual apples to their wrists

A few clever Twitter users have found their own way to poke some fun at the Apple Watch, which officially launches on Friday.

Over the past several months, people have been creating their own makeshift watches by strapping actual apples to their wrists. Some are more creative and detailed than others — while a few people simply dumped a whole apple on top of their normal wristwatches, others have carved apples to look like a watch.

It all started with this tweet that dates back to September, which is when Apple officially unveiled the watch, as the Toronto Sun noticed.

Here’s another less-polished faux Apple Watch that surfaced on Twitter last month.

This one is just an Apple on top of a wrist watch.

Mashable spotted a few good ones, too. This guy just taped an Apple to his wrist.

At least this one can tell the time.

Looks like it comes in green too.

This isn’t even an apple…

If you want to order a real Apple Watch, you might have to wait a while. Many models are backordered until June, while others won’t ship for another 4-6 weeks.

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