People Magazine Used A Stock Photo Of A Woman Wearing Google Glass And Said It Was Sergey Brin’s New Girlfriend

In this week’s issue of People Magazine there’s a story that’s been making waves in the tech world: Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin has been dating one of his colleagues, Amanda Rosenberg as All Things D reported last week.

Also in the issue is a picture of a woman wearing Google Glass and riding a bicycle, whom People Magazine identified as Rosenberg.

The one glaring problem? That’s not a photo of Amanda Rosenberg.

Though the two women bear some resemblance in nationality, hair length, and of course, their propensity for Google Glass, the image in question seems to have been pulled from Splash, a site that stockpiles celebrity photos for a subscriber’s fee.

This is the spread in People Magazine this week, which we first saw on Valleywag:

People Magazine

Perhaps the most surprising part of the mis-identification of Rosenberg is the fact that she has uploaded many photos of herself (even some of her using Glass) to her Google + page, photos that have been making the rounds in the media since the story of her alleged affair with Brin broke.

All Things D reported Rosenberg had originally been dating Hugo Barra, an executive at Google who recently left for Chinese phone company, Xiaomi, when their relationship ended. Shortly after Barra and Rosenberg split, Rosenberg began dating Brin. Brin separated from his wife Anne Wojcicki several months ago.
People Magazine isn’t the only outlet who made this mistake. A site called Miami Newsday used the same photo last week.