Starbucks' new pink drink is taking over Instagram

People on Instagram are going crazy over Starbucks’ new pink drink. The Instagram hashtag #pinkdrink has close to 99,000 posts and counting.

The pink drink is actually considered a secret menu item because you won’t find it on a traditional Starbucks menu.

Ask for the pink drink and you’ll get a mix of their strawberry açaí refresher and coconut milk.

Normally, the refresher is made with water, so the coconut milk is what gives the beverage its milky appearance. The company describes their strawberry açaí refresher as “sweet strawberry flavours accented by passion fruit and açaí notes and lightly caffeinated with green coffee extract.”

But never mind what’s in the drink. Instagrammers love how it looks when topped with a pink-frosted doughnut:

 The jury is still out on how it tastes, though.

@thebalancedblondie described it as being “amazing” and “pretty low in calories,” while @tinanicole said “Maybe I’m basic but I’m in love this drink.”

The pink drink is super sweet.

Instagrammer @taraaponte wrote, “If i didn’t have diabetes before this, I sure do now.” And @ciaracolliflower wrote “u r so cute but I can’t decide if u taste like a strawberry Starburst, a ludden’s cherry cough drop, or nesquick strawberry milk!!!”

Even if you don’t like it, you can always comfort yourself with the likes you’ll get on Instagram.

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