Meet The People Who Think They Were Unfairly Excluded From Our '50 Sexiest Ad Execs' List

Hot List 2012 supplementEgos unbound!

Our recent ranking of the 50 Sexiest Advertising Executives — The Hot List 2012 — was one of the most popular rankings we’ve ever done.It was also closely scrutinized within the ad agency world.

After its publication, some admen and women wrote to us to protest the results of the complex social media algorithm we used to rank the executives. (It’s proprietary, of course, but the variables within it are weighted for age, reputation, and power, in addition to looks).

Why, they asked, was I not on this list? Or, for that matter, my boss?

Without further comment, we bring you this supplement to the Hot List 2012 … Try not to take it too seriously.

Maurizio Villarreal, EDC at Studicom

'The employees of Studicom' sent us this petition, complete with a 'protest' Tumblr:

Grave. Injustice. Afoot. ... there is one glaring omission that simply can not be overlooked.

Have you ever seen Maurizio Villarreal, the EDC at Studicom? Well, we have. And we think this business is just a little hotter because he's in it. And to correct this grave injustice, we felt compelled to create

We're not sure if we can get you to amend your list, but we had to try.

We invite you to see for yourself. If you can handle it.

Here are a couple more shots of Villareal:

Daniel Barak, formerly of McCann Erickson

Here, verbatim, is what he wrote to us:

Hello, I'm Daniel Barak and this message is extremely awkward. Many people have told me that I need to be on that list, as I'm a Senior Copywriter from McCann Erickson (left 2 days ago) and I believe you know at least one of my campaigns - The Anti-Drug Timeline which was the first ever Facebook Timeline campaign. Here's my portfolio if you need more info - I think you should add me as the 51st sexiest. Rawr. :)

Jamie Hill, CEO, adMarketplace

AdMarketplace marketing director Jill Spanos asked us if she could get her bosses onto the list. She said:

Both of my esteemed colleagues are not only very handsome, but are experts in the Science of Search Syndication and I strongly believe are one of the sole reasons we we're listed as the '8th fastest growing company in New York' by Crain's New York Business just last month.

Jamie's primary duties as Chairman and CEO include setting the overall strategy, direction, and vision for adMarketplace. Prior to founding the company in March 2000, he was an executive at CBS Broadcasting. Before joining CBS, Jamie worked at Telerep and was responsible for developing marketing strategies for Fortune 500 advertisers. Jamie is a proud University of Southern California Trojan.

Andries de Villiers, vp/revenue at adMarketplace

Admarketplace's Spanos added:

He joined the company in 2008 after serving as a Fixed Income Analyst at Bloomberg, LLP, where he specialised in CDS Basis Swaps. He started at adMarketplace as a Sales Director and built the New York based sales team. From there, Andries became Vice President of Advertising Sales before being promoted to his current position. He graduated with a BS in Finance from the Calloway School of Business at Wake Forest University.

Jeff Sweat, svp/communications, Deutsch LA

Nick Law, evp/global chief creative officer, R/GA

Karen Spiegel, svp/managing director of communications at R/GA made this plea:

Enjoyed reading your recent article. Surprised that no one from R/GA was included on the list and from tweets so are others. Since you haven't revealed your social media algorithm, I don't know your metrics or databases but thought that Nick Law would have been included or others. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks, Karen

Priscilla Vento, director of branding/marketing communications at LeadBolt Mobile; and Aaron Buchanan, vp/digital advertising at Ignition.

Vento says:

If you ever write an article on the sexist couples who are advertising executives, please keep us in mind! Aaron and I have been together for almost 4 years and both live in Santa Monica together. We both currently work in the ad industry. He is the VP of Digital Advertising at Ignition and I'm the Director of Branding and Marketing Communications at LeadBolt Mobile Advertising Network. We are in love with the industry as much as we are with each other and we both dig our jobs.

OK Priscilla, we're going to take you at your word ...

YOU TELL US: Who Are The Sexiest Married Couples In Advertising and PR?
We want to know: Who are hottest double-threat couples in the business? Who is married to their careers, because they married someone in their career? Which partners have partnered with their partners? You get the idea.

Send your nominations --including name, title, agency/company, and a BIG photo -- to either:

  • Laura Stampler ([email protected]).
    Or ...
  • Jim Edwards ([email protected]).

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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