People are destroying their James Charles makeup following his feud with fellow beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook

  • On Friday, beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook accused makeup artist James Charles of using her to boost his following, and said he has tried to manipulate others’ sexuality in a YouTube video titled “Bye Sister.”
  • Now, former fans of Charles are retaliating against the YouTube star by destroying his eponymous eye-shadow palette sold by Morphe.
  • On TikTok, some angered fans have posted videos that show them burning the makeup.
  • Other fans say the palette is too expensive to destroy, and have instead redecorated the palette with images of Westbrook, and celebrities like Snoop Dogg.
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Beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook announced the end of her friendship with makeup artist James Charles in a 43-minute-long YouTube video on Friday.

In her video, Westbrook said the makeup artist uses his fame and money to hold power over those close to him and accused Charles of trying to manipulate the sexuality of multiple straight men. Since the video’s release, Charles has lost millions of YouTube subscribers.

Now, some people are retaliating against Charles by destroying the vlogger and makeup artist’s eye-shadow palette. On TikTok, some former fans have posted videos of themselves burning the James Charles eye-shadow palette from Morphe.

Another TikTok user decided to scrape each individual eye-shadow shade from the palette, which makes the product practically unusable.^tfw

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A beauty YouTube feud is erupting after viral makeup artist James Charles made a deal with his friend’s competitor. Now, she’s accusing him of being a ‘bad role model’ and ‘manipulating someone’s sexuality.’

On Twitter, people found other ways to destroy the palette. One user, for example, took her makeup and threw it across the pavement. While she didn’t reveal whether or not the palette broke, most eye shadows can’t withstand any sort of drop without breaking.

Many people on Twitter said that while they no longer support Charles, the palette is “too expensive” to completely destroy.

Instead of causing any damage, some people chose to get creative with their makeup and cover the James Charles logo with new designs, such as a photo of Snoop Dog.^tfw

Another person painted a portrait of Shrek over the logo and renamed each eye-shadow shade to correlate with the animated film.

They also covered the “Unleash your inner artist” phrase on the inside of the palette with a new one: “Unleash your inner onion layers.”

One person on Twitter transformed their palette to show their support of Tati Westbrook. They first covered the James Charles logo with a piece of duct tape, and then used a Sharpie marker to write “Stan Tati Westbrook.”

But for some former fans of Charles, the Morphe eye-shadow palette was not worth destroying or redecorating.

As seen in one TikTok video, some people are choosing to return their makeup to the store where they originally purchased it.

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